Forfar Academy Pupil Joins Astute

Meet Ryan Wilson.

"My name is Ryan Wilson, 

I'm currently in my final year at Forfar Academy."

"I was curious to find out more about how Astute are able to keep up with the current demand for their products and the type of work that they perform within the office. I also wanted to find out more about how they actually develop and create the signs and printed products that they produce."

"In the future I am hoping to become an accountant to be able to provide businesses with all of the financial information that they require. Working within the office at Astute has allowed for me to gain experience within the office and what office life will be like in the future. I have been learning about scheduling Facebook posts and have been adding images to enhance the post. The work experience that Astute has given me has allowed me the opportunity to learn about office life and marketing and to learn more about work in general. I feel as though this experience has benefitted me thoroughly as I now know more about working which has given me an insight into the future when I leave school."