Get to know Jade, our current work experience student

1) Are you currently at school, university or college?

I’m still at school and just about to enter my final year at Dollar Academy


2) What did you hope to learn from your 3 days at Astute?

I wanted to see how Astute was able to keep up with demand of their various products; I also wanted to see how each department interacts with each other as well as how each department handles new orders. I also wanted to see the process of how new orders go to each of the departments and how the work is split between the different people in the departments.


3) What job would you like to do in the future and how do the skills you have learnt from Astute help with that?

I hope to become a Marketing Manager and to produce marketing campaigns. I have learnt several things from my days at Astute, firstly to make sure that I’m able to prioritise things and work within the time. Secondly I have learnt several useful tips on how to work a Facebook page, such as scheduling posts and uploading poster images from a word document. Thirdly I have watched the whole sign process, from watching the new order going into the system, to the product being designed and edited several times until the client is happy, to then being printed with different types of paper giving the product different types of shine, to the product being boxed up and ready to being delivered.